Add high-quality stocks in every market downturn to your portfolio!

Consider buying high-quality stocks in every market downturn. The reason is very simple. The lower your cost basis on your investments, the higher your eventual return. Most investors know this as history has shown them. But the problem is acting on it.

A look at history tells you that every economic expansion is followed by a recession. But again, then every recession is followed by an economic expansion. Likewise, every bull market is followed by a bear market and then every bear market is followed by another bull market. But the issue here is that no one can predict with any certainty when the next recession or bull market will begin or end.

You could have bought on any date over the past 100 years and the probability that the market would be higher

in 1 year is 69%,
in 5 years is 83%,
in 10 years is 90% and
in 20 years is 100%.

This should give the long term investor enough comfort to buy the dips in the market.

Sven Franssen