Why Individual Bonds Are Better Than Bond Funds

In the world of investments, bonds have often been hailed as a safe haven, offering a steady stream of income. However, there is a fundamental flaw in the bond market: bond funds, which may not offer the security investors seek. Bond funds may seem like a convenient option, easy to purchase, but they come with inherent risks.

The issue lies in how bond funds operate. They’re subject to the fluctuations of interest rates, which means when rates rise, bond prices fall, potentially leaving investors in a precarious position. Individual bonds, on the other hand, offer a different approach. By directly purchasing bonds, investors can mitigate some of the uncertainties associated with bond funds. They have more control over their investments, knowing precisely when their cash will become available at maturity, with the assurance of receiving the bond’s par value.

While purchasing individual bonds may seem slightly more complex, there are advantages. Unlike bond funds, where liquidity and pricing can fluctuate, individual bonds provide a clearer path to income and safety for investors. Bond funds may offer income, but they lack the same level of assurance as individual bonds, making them a riskier option in today’s market landscape.

Sven Franssen