No one was worse than Trump at carrying out his own policies and promises

No other president was worse than ex-president Trump at carrying out his own policies and promises. Of the 1,800 miles of wall planned, Trump built not even 200. And yes, he would make the Mexicans pay for it. So, both promises where not held and clearly failed. Did Kim stop his weapon programe or is NATO paying, according to Trump, its share or has production jobs broad back “home”? We have to answer all with a clear No.
Many of Trump’s failures were due to his poor management skills and poor appointments. And were these not his proclaimed strengths as a “successful” business man and deal maker?
Trump operated under the belief that if he made bad choices, he could just turn around and fire people. But that not how politics and diplomacy works. A real estate wheeler and dealer is not necessarily a good leader of an entire country.
In a newspaper article Donald Trump claims that he learned his lesson and is ready to fix his mistakes and will improve his appointments, if re-elected. But we should be sceptical on this front. Why?
Will 75-year-old real-estate wheeler and dealer from Queens be ready to change his way of doing things how he is used to all his life or is he even capable? In his case, I would bet that “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” will apply. Further, Trump is not prepared for such a job. There are about 8,000 federal jobs that the president can fill to his liking and expectations. They are listed in a directory called the Plum Book. Obama was so organized that his team had a name dedicated for every job listed. Many of them are still in place. Trump had no more than a handful of names and was completely unprepared for the process. That’s not his natural and how Trump ticks.
I just hope, that it even does not come to the point again that we have to find out, that almost all promises are not held and that there is no improvement in that state of affairs.

Sven Franssen