Buy Diamonds? 2 Tips to save some money

If diamonds are on your buy list, I suggest 2 tips to save you some cash.

1: Never Buy Diamonds from Chain Jewellers
Major jewellers like Kay, Zales, Jared, Tiffany’s, etc. have inflated prices and they’re hard to negotiate with. The harsh truth is as soon as you leave the jeweller, a diamond loses over 50% of its value. So you need to make sure you’re getting the absolute lowest price possible and you won’t find it at major chains.

2: Shop Independent Jewellers or Online
You’ll find the best deals on engagement rings and diamonds at independent jewellers or diamond wholesalers. The good thing about independent jewellers and wholesalers is you can typically negotiate on price. You’ll also be more likely to find something unique versus the major chains.
If you want to get the absolute lowest price on a diamond ring, try shopping online. Blue Nile and James Allen are two popular and reputable sites. You choose the price, size, and quality specifications with dozens of setting options.
You can expect to save nearly half compared to rings in major retail stores when you shop independent or online. Plus most online stores offer you free shipping and free returns.