Finally, some workers get justice who refused the vaccine

We should not play down COVID. The disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus was serious and deadly. The initial waves in March-June 2020 and December 2020 were overwhelming to medical providers at times. But the public policy response did far more damage than the disease itself.

Ventilators were the wrong treatment because the problem was never lung movement but oxygen absorption. The right treatment was pure oxygen. Ventilators killed more than they saved. Masks never worked. The mask mandates only forced people to breathe recirculated CO2. In the end, the mortality rate was no worse than the typical flu. Most sufferers had 1-2 days mild fever or cough and that was it. Most fatalities were down to comorbidities such as obesity, emphysema, and diabetes.

People were lied to. The vaccines were and still are a massive fraud. They never stopped the infection or stopped the spread. Just ask the 5 million double-vaxxed and boosted people who caught the omicron variant in December 2021 in the US only. The vaccines are not even true vaccines. They are experimental gene modification treatments with a lot of side effects that are just coming to light. It seems that the side effects are worse to young people and children who are hardly affected and should never been vaccinated.

The worst pandemic victims were children who were forced to stay home. They were scarcely vulnerable to the disease and would have been safer in schools with no masks, playgrounds, sport, activities and last but not least fresh air. Dr. Fauci and Dr. Birx were consummate liars. The WHO and national health institutions were incompetent at least. The entire medical establishment ran a historic scam at people’s expense.

Among those treated most unfairly were emergency responders including police, firefighters, doctors, and nurses who were fired from their jobs because they refused to take the experimental gene injections. But finally, a New York court has ruled that the firings were illegal and has ordered New York City to reinstate the fired workers with back pay. That is at least some justice, but it took over 2 years to occur. Hopefully, other workers who were wrongfully fired will experience the same justice.

Most importantly, when a new pandemic arises, let us hope that the entire population, and not just some, stands up to the ignorant bureaucrats and refuses to go along with their destructive policies and agenda.

Sven Franssen