Governments want to eliminate cash

Governments all over the world are pushing for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC). There are obvious reasons for this and therefore CBDCs are marketed as a benefit to consumers in performing transactions, faster settlements, better security, ease of use, and transaction costs that are lower than cash. But governments conceal how this could negatively affect your ability to control your own money and how it impacts your individual rights. The hidden agenda is to eliminate cash.

The government has wanted to eliminate cash for a long time. They haven’t been able to because people still use it, at least to some extent. 90% of transactions are, already digital. We do pay with credit cards, get paid digitally, wire money, pay other people digitally and pay bills online. That’s all 100% digital. But it is still far away from the CBDC stage.

While we don’t use cash that much anymore, we still have this option and do still in certain situations or keep a bit of cash in the wallet. But the government does not want us to use it or have this option anymore because it’s not traceable and therefore uncontrollable. They have no track of when or for what you spent it. They can’t put you under surveillance with cash.

So we’re already quite under surveillance, CBDC is the last step in a total surveillance world. China did it and the US is probably next. The governments are coming after your money. Don’t let this happen and try to fight back.

Sven Franssen