Great businesses are driven by a vision to contribute positively to the world

Great businesses understand stakeholder theory. To maximize profits you must look out for the interests of everyone who has a stake in the business. This includes investors, managers, workers, suppliers, customers and communities.

The key to success is to put the company’s purpose first. Great companies are driven not only by the desire for profit which every business needs to survive and grow but also by a vision of how they can make a positive contribution to the world.

Conscious leaders act with integrity, holding themselves and the organization to the highest standards to earn the trust of those they lead and those they serve. It means committing to learning and growth, not only professionally but personally. It means showing genuine appreciation to the people who make success possible. It means finding win-win-win solutions to competing interests, whenever possible.
But the first and foremost job of every conscious leader is connecting people to purpose.

Businesses that do this have satisfied employees, dependable suppliers, repeat customers, better reputations, fewer regulatory and legal hassles, greater market share, and last but not least bigger profits.

Sven Franssen