$2 a day can make you a millionaire!

Starting at 20 years old, you just need USD 2 to become a millionaire by 65? 2 USD! That´s ridiculous, isn’t it?
All it takes is USD 2 per day. Just USD 730 per year. Now, that needs to be invested and earn 12% a year! Eager, but not impossible!

The stats below demonstrate the power of time, amount and compound return of investments. The longer you put it off, the worse it becomes.

The median annual salary for Americans ages 15 to 24 is USD 36,108. To become a millionaire by 65, a person has to put away less than 2% of their annual salary when they start out and that percentage shrinks over time as their salary increases. If you started saving at age 55, you’d have to save and invest $156.12 per day to become a millionaire by 65. That’s $56,984 per year! The median household income for Americans ages 55 to 64 is $62,802 per year. So, if you started saving at 55, you’d have to set aside and invest 91% of your annual salary, every single year!
If your intention is to start investing in a couple years when you have more money, you’re only hurting yourself. The longer you wait, the more time you waste, the more expensive it becomes.

To become a millionaire by 65, the amount you need to put away daily increases 78.5% if you begin saving at age 25 rather than age 20. The difference in daily savings between starting ages of 20 and 55 is 7,706%!
You can become a millionaire to become a millionaire. Especially if you start with the right mindset and understand the importance of time. Wasting time is expensive. So, it gets more expensive the more you let time go.