Collectibles: massive upside potential and fun. What a great combination!

Collectibles is a rapidly growing investment space. According to TechChrunch, the estimated size of the collectibles market is $370 billion and this number will likely grow quickly as NFTs catch on. NFTs had already $17.6 billion in trading volume in 2021.

Investment platforms like StartEngine offer people a chance to invest in collectibles in new ways. Masterworks gives people a chance to invest in and own fractional shares of fine art. And NFT platforms like OpenSea and Rarible have taken off.

The way people buy, sell and trade collectibles is changing. So is the way people think about them. Today, people are far more sophisticated in their approach to collectibles. They know about custody, scarcity and what drives value in the different collectibles markets.

The new collectible market is a growing space. There is a massive upside potential. Additional it is fun. What a perfect combination.

Sven Franssen